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More than 1000 kilos

Transportation of  more than 1000 kilos typically qualifies as a larger shipment, unless otherwise agreed. We provide a pick up service where we load the cargo at the site of the shipper and deliver directly to the receiver for a quick, efficient and safe delivery. No reloading in our terminals.

We offer part-loads to/from all postal codes in Norway. The assumption for using part-loads, is that pick up and delivery is convenient, using materials like semi trailers or trucks with hangers.

For larger volumes, we can tailor-make systems, based on scheduled patterns.

Nor Lines AS is concerned about the environment. A large part of our transportation solutions go by sea and are transported on our own cargo vessels or Hurtigruten.

On land, we utilize railway routes that meet our lead times as much as possible. Our transportation system on land is tailored to trucks as well as railway. If railway is not an option, and the roads can take module trucks, these will be used in line haul.