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Vi vil at alle våre kunder skal ha en god opplevelse på våre sider og anbefaler derfor at du oppdaterer nettleseren din for en forbedret opplevelse, ytelse og sikkerhet.
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HSE Policy


Nor Lines will work in a structured and targeted way in order to prevent risks and protect the life, health, environment and economical values. We will continuously work on the improvements that prevent pollution to the environment, and ensure that healt, safety and walfare of our employees at work.

We will operate in an ethical manner in  accordance with our internal policies and relevant official requirements.

Our focus will always be centered on:

- Prevention
- Information
- Awareness
- Personal responsibility
- Open communication
- Reduction of environmental pollution
- Improvements to health, safety and the working environment 

People are our most valued resource and will always be our highest priority. Additionally, we wish to contribute to the reducition of environmental pollution through our business practices and the services we provide.


Our company has an AMU-committee which  holds frequent meetings throughout the year. We also have a newly created corporate committee.